About 3 Thousand Applıcatıons To Tokı In Only 5 Days

The Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) pay 20 percent discount for the housing and business buyers who want to pay the debts immediately and have the right to pay for the first 5 days 2 thousand 928 applications were made.

TOKİ President Ergun Turan stated out the fact that those who want to get their titles immediately showed great interest to the campaign and gave an important opportunity with the reduction of early payment of 20 percent of the citizens from most sub-income groups who bought social housing from TOKİ. 


"I think that the number of applications will increase even further until September 29. It will not be possible to benefit from the discount rate that will be made after this date," said Turan, who stated that TOKI supported public banks in the year 2017 discount campaign.

President Turan pointed out that the buyers of the houses and businessmen in the projects under the scope of the discount application should not have any debts such as the dues and real estate tax that they are obliged to pay the administration as of the date of the remaining application.

TOKI President Ergun Turan said, "From our campaign, sales will be realized by the end of 2015 and the repayment tax will be available to owners of residential and business premises, which started until the end of 2015. Projects remaining 12 months or less were not included in the discount campaign.

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