Abdullah Ciftci: Terrorist Bomb Attack in Bursa was Aimed At Arabian Real Estate Investors!

Ciftci, president of Arabian-Turkish Real Estates Investors Foundation, said that prime target of bombing suicide attack, which has been carried out in Bursa previous day, was real estate and tourism market of Bursa. Ciftci has evaluated the issue in his Twitter account.

The president of Arabian-Turkish Real Estates Investors Foundation, Abdullah Ciftci, prime target of bombing suicide attack which has been carried out in Bursa previous day was tourism and real estate market of Bursa which is in great demand among Arabic people.

Ciftci, who has evaluated the issua in his Twitter account, said these:

  • US Embassy has given a warning to its citizens in Turkey “ Terrorist Attack in Touristic Areas”. Suicide attack in Bursa today. What is the purpose of the attack?
  • Global Demoniacs are into discipline Turkey by using terror. They are trying to get a blow in economy by using terror. ( another quote by Abdullah Ciftci: 43- They sabotage tourism in Turkey with the perception “ There is terror in Turkey.” in global media. War goes on not only over terrorism but also economy. )
  • Arabs are Turkish real estate market’s and tourism sector’s hope. Russians don’t visit anymore. Brits and Germans are in fear. This attack is a message to Arabs!
  • Each Arab tourist definitely visits Bursa. Bursa means something to Arabs just like Antalya for Russians.
  • Elite Arabs go to the Lebanon Mountains for skiing tourism. Arabs who discovered Uludağ, were planning to make investment in Bursa.
  • Terrorism is the way of economical/political form/design of 21st century. There have been a missile attack in Kilis each time before Merkel visits Turkey wherefrom January, 2016.
  • Bursa has been declared as “ Main Destination Centre of Arab Tourism” in 2013. Bombing attack is a message for Arab tourists!
  • Mayor of Bursa Osmangazi, @mustafadundar65 ‘s entry from 2 days before is attached here: MUSTAFA DUNDAR: We are introducing Bursa in Arabian Tourism Fair in Dubai.
  • In Turkey, dwelling producers are in debt. They do their work on credits. Arabs pay cash. Target of this attack is Tourism/Real Estate Sector.
  • Those who seperated Azerbaijan-Turkey border by using Armenia, tries to break the bonds between Arabia and Turkey by using Kurdistan, TERROR!
  • They aim to gain profit by collapsing Turkish Economy by using terrorism. Economic Chaos. Mass Actions. Revolution in Parties.
  • Mastermind of terrorism, “global devilish mind”, makes a move on Turkey like it plays chess. And these moves leave scars.
  • Terrorist attack in Bursa was carried out at 17:25. They don’t think that they need to do it hiddenly.
  • Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Brasil and Germany are targets all at once. The probability of suicide attacks are really high in Germany.
  • They show that their aim is political parties/ leaders/ democracy/ freedom. But their main aim is to split the country.
  • PKK/ISIS/FETO/DHKP-C are organizations which are registered in the same global data area. They attack together. From this day forward, Turkey will undergo attacks and protests by PKK/ISIS based on the information they get from “FETO organization”.
  • Global Demoniacs, use terror, blackmail, montage, cso, media, journalists, scientists, film-makers, everything and everyone. Sophistical operations.
  • Games of last century by global demons. You would get difficulty in understanding them if you don’t have information about their strategy and aims.
  • It is really difficult to understand the dynamism of political / terrorism in Turkey by watching the politicians. Look at the outside and understand what is happening inside.

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