A Partnership Protocol Has Been Signed For The Ones Who Work In Structuring Sector

‘The Partnership Protocol To Develop The Proffesional Qualification of The Connoisseurs in The Structuring Sector ‘ is signed between the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism ,the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The Minister of Environment and Urbanism Fatma Guldemet Sari made a speech at the hotel where the protocol signing ceremony has been organized.She reminded that,” As the Ministry,its our duty to prepare the legislation of reconstruction,structure, environment and the production, also to certificate and surveillance in structure and audit fields.”


Sari said that,while auditing these applications we focus on a goal,” Our goal is to bring the level of professional service standards to the same level of the other developed countries.To reach this goal one of the first things to do is to record and certificate the sufficiencies of ones who work in engineering ,architecture, planning,and structuring contractors.”protocol (3)

Within this ,the priorities are the construction workers to be educated and being in the labor market with their equipments says Minister Sari,and stated that this is an indispensable importance for the sustainable growth of Turkey.The arrangements that are made in recent years in engineering,architecture, skiled workmanship ,master and contractor fields have a big contribution for the growth of the sector says Fatma Guldemet Sari.To set the workers with a certificate authority,we are arranging the principles and procedures said Sari and added also that with this way we can accomplish to take a serious step that the construction workers will be recorded and the masters will be set to work with a certification.

protocol (2)

A Priority For Those Who Have A Temporary Master Certificate

Minister Sari,” With the signatures we will sign today ,the application will be recognized internationally and will become a ‘Professional Sufficiency Certification ‘ which will be supported by special programs.”


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