A New Social Life Area Is Builded In Silifke

A new social life area is builded in Silifke

The Social Life Area which is in a 9.500 square meter location called Gazi Mahallesi Su Buklumu is build by the Municipality of Silifke and the residents are awaiting it with a big curiosity.

The 9.500 square meters social life area work is continueing very fast while the citizens are waiting for the project to be completely done and tell that they will gladly welcome the project which will remain inside the city.


The Municipality of Silifke continues to gain this kind of projects for its town while overtaking the change and development for their cotizens requirements.

The Mayor of Silifke Dr.Mustafa Turgut gave us some information about the project and told that ‘The Social Life Area will be an important social responsibility project that will shelter various social and cultural facilities.

A new social life area is builded in Silifke

Within the project,there will be offered many services for children,old people,young generation,women and handicapped people.It will include rest areas ,special parks for handicapped people ,swimming pool,a kiosk,toilets,camellias,play grounds,living areas and green areas.The town will gain a new place which will be better for our people.We struggled from the beginning until today for our town to make everything what was needed.We work for everybody and will continue in this way.The satisfaction of our people is the biggest accomplishment for us.


Hope to continue with better services and facilities to move on.’ were the words the mayor said. Social Habitat Project 20-26 May 2016 dates will be held between with explaining to be completed up to the International Culture Week Silifke Mayor Mustafa Turgut , “Township us to add value with this great project we are happy to provide our Silifke.

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