A new project comes to Beylikduzu from Dekar Yapi

 A new project comes to Beylikduzu from Dekar Yapi

The owner of Dekar Yapi Salih Kuzu, “The contents of the urban transformation are important.It hasnt to be divided in rich or poor neighbourhoods.The issue is to change the city in a socio-economic way.

Dekar Yapi sold about 70 percent of the Asmali Hayat and Asmali Bahceler project.The firm plans to develop a new project in the area and another target is the urban transformation.We talked about the projects which were actualised and the urban transformation with Salih Kuzu.


1) Can i get some information about your projects?

The Asmali Hayat project which was actualised and is in a 78 thousand square meters land, consists of 244 houses with garden,social facilities area and streets with shops.The smallest house is 149 square meters and the biggest are 360 square meters.The unit price of a square meter is between 5,100 TL and 6,900 TL.Another project which is continuing is Dekar Asmali Bahceler.There are 228 houses with garden and are designed with one floor or duplex, are between 119 and 188 square meters.In this project are 8 different kind of houses which have 2+1 to 5+1 rooms.Besides this,each house has a garden from 30 to 300 square meters.


2) How much housing was sold?

We got more demands than we expected in our Asmali Hayat project at Beylikduzu.We accomplished our targets in this project.In total, we sold 70 percent of the projects.The first stage completely,90 percent of the second stage are sold.Now the 3rd stage is for sale.The sales are going well in this stage.20 percent was sold in the 1st month.In Asmali Bahceler were 65 percent of the houses sold.From now on is the 2nd stage of Asmali Bahceler the new target.Its in a 91 thousand square meter land, in the middle of the center and will begin at the end of the year.

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