A New Era Begins in Urban Transformation

The Legislative Decree comes into effect for abusive people who benefit from this opportunity to prevent this transformation, which is the end result of recycling of old and risky buildings. Thanks to this decision, it is now known that malicious people can not prevent urban transformation. Furthermore, according to the information provided, it was reported that the obstacles to be transformed into residential buildings that are vulnerable to disasters such as earthquakes should be removed with the Decree Law. Thanks to this news, it was announced that there will be no obstacles in front of the old buildings that will undergo urban transformation.


Negotiations Conducted

It was announced that GYODER, ─░NDER and KONUTDER gave good news to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism in order to speed up the process of urban transformation and to remove all obstacles encountered. According to this information, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has made it easy to overcome the obstacles to urban transformation with the Decree Law, which will soon be overcome. According to the information received, the heads of the associations of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism were informed about the current problems. These problems were reported by reporting on the ways in which abusive people have given up on urban transformation.

Work in Progress

According to the information given, the Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Özhaseki made a speech in the Urbanism Council held in the past days. Özhaseki explained that "all the necessary measures are going to be taken," explaining that "work is being done to remove obstacles for urban transformation". In addition, KHK and the decision to remove the obstacles have been taken seriously and malicious people will not be able to prevent this transformation by this decision was never given. Thus, it was explained that the methods used by opportunity owners to find obstacles were tried to be reduced with the Decree Law.

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