A Hotel Puzzle In İstanbul: Rejection From The City Hall, Consent From The Ministry

Ministry Of Environment And Urbanization Did It

In Küçük Çamlıca, İstanbul A Terrain Of 20 Thousand Square Meters Was Situated Beside Bilfen Schools. The Land Was For A Hotel Investment. İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Wanted To Make Changes In The Plan But Could Not Do It Than The Ministry Of Environment And Urbanization Be Engaged In And Became Successful And Make The Changes In The Plan. The Construction Field Is Enlarged From 7 Thousand Square Meters To 12 Thousand Square Meters And The Parking Area Had Some Changes As Well. It Was Decided To Be 13 Thousand Square Meters But Is Decreased To 8 Thousand Square Meters. The Land Was Declared As A Tourism Area But Will Be A Hotel.

Rejection From İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality

In 2005, 13 Thousand Square Meters Of The 20 Thousand Square Meters Land Was Separated For The Parking Area Which Was Seen In The Construction Plan. The Plan At That Time Was Approved By Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş. The Rest Of The Land Was Separated For Tourist Facility Field. The Owner Of The Land Rejected The Plan Done By The İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality But The Parliament Of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Did Not Accept This Objection.


The Ministry Give Approval

According To The Last Data 12 Thousand Square Meter Of The Land Will Be Separated For The Hotel And The Rest Of It Will Be Separated For The Parking Area And So.






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