A chance to get a housen from TOKI with 539 lira installment

TOKI President M.Ergun TURAN stated that at the press conference held at the Kayaşehir Residences Promotion Office in Başakşehir, Istanbul, the project is aimed at the citizens who are in the low and middle income group of 1,500 social houses; 18th, 19th and 23rd districts, the applicants for the houses located on 4 stages started as of March 23rd.


The center income group of 1100 houses and the lower income group of 400 houses will be sold to the citizens. "Our aim is to make our citizens who are not homeowners a homeowner. We especially want our citizens with low income to be able to become homeowners as they pay rent. "
Turan said:
"We have created more than 650 houses and have selled over 3 million citizens a home under the TOKI roof, with work carried out in more than 3 head offices all over our country. This is the basic condition for us. We have come to a new stage today in our region of residence in Kayaşehir where we last sold in Istanbul in 2013. Construction of 1,500 social dwellings reached a significant level; there were conditions for sale. For this reason, we decided to give this glad tid to the Istanbulites and start selling them. Our dwellings are budgeted from one and four room apartments with a minimum cost to address the needs and purchasing power of different segments. 
TOKI President M.Ergun TURAN stated that the rules of housing will be made before the Notary Public on 6-7th of May 2015.

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