A Bulkhead Line Will Be Built on Uskudar Seashore

A Bulkhead line will be built on Uskudar Seashore according to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council’s majority of votes. The sea area 12,000 square meters between Semsi Pasa Mosque and Uskudar will be filled. At the end of the project in Uskudar Seashore there will be 125,000 square meters open space area.

The Decision of Istanbul Municipality Council rejected by the members of CHP ( Republican People’s Party ). But, accepted by plurality. CHP came up with that the area has earthquake risks and project will be dangerous and the area has a historical background and the project will harm that historical area as the reason reasons for rejection.

Şemsi Paşa Camii

The reason behind the filling decision is that after the construction of Marmaray Station and pedestrian entrances will narrow down the Uskudar’s old open area. In addition, the accession opportunity to the seaside will be disappeared physically and visually for the pedestrians. Moreover, the connection between historical Mosques ( Yeni Valide Sultan Mosque, Cedit Valide Alms House, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque ) will be disappeared because of Marmaray construction. Besides these, public transportation stations will become dispersed.


At the end of the bulkhead area construction will make pedestrians transportation easy. Moreover this filled open area can be used as assembly area for the earthquake times. The transfixion system will be used in the construction, not just filling the sea shore, so the area will be durable against earthquakes.

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