A Big Investment For Iran

A big investment for Iran

As soon as the embargo was removed from Iran, the first investment made from Turkey was the tourism sector. There are already 9 hotels which provided a service with Kaya Group, made a hotel investment in Tabriz. The President of Kaya Corporation Burak Kaya stated that their next goal is to open a hotel in the capital Terehan.

Kaya Hotels&Resorts are active with 9 hotels, 3 in Antalya,one in Cyprus, two in Kartalkaya and in Istanbul, Izmir and Bolu are 1 in each city. Kaya Group opened a 220 room hotel. Kaya Group is for 28 years in this tourism sector and opened its 10th hotel in Iran. The hotel which belongs to the property owner the Eromi Family from Iran, will serve both international and internal a 5 star accommodation and service for the business world which is planned by the Board of Directors of Kaya Corporation.


Burak Kaya reported that the name of the new opened hotel in Tabriz is ‘Kaya Laleh Park’. Kaya talked about the hotel which is going to be opened end of May, “It is a very important investment in Iran, not just in the region.After the embargo in Iran, we are one of the first firms who made an investment here. We will administrate here a 7 star hotel. The people who live in this region have good opinions about the Turks too. Turkish is a predominate spoken language in this region. As Kaya Hotels ,we are known among European tourists and will use this advantage in Iran.”


The next goal is Terehan

Burak Kaya stated that their next goal is Terehan and continued to say, “Our contacts with the Ministry of Tourism in Iran continues. We work together with the Erami Family who are our investment partners in Tabriz. We want to buy the available old hotels and renovate them.With the renovation investments the will become more useful.”

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