A Big Contract In Gaziosmanpaşa!

The Mass Housing Administration (TOKI) put the lands in Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa Highways Street out to tender yesterday. The first session of the auction for the two percolations existing near Europa Houses Tem project was so challenging. Eight firms such as Gül-Elit Building, Mesa Mesken, İhlas, Nuhoğlu, Başyapı, Fuzul- Yol Building, Albayrak and Ral Construction gave their offers. Ral Construction stands out in the first session by giving the offer %18 of 149, 5 million liras which equals to 26, 9 million liras will be directed to the administration. The winner of the auction will appear after the prices in the second session of the auction. The winner firm will give 150 houses to TOKI apart from the offer. In the auction, 6 thousand 619 islands 8 percolations have 26 thousand and 622 square meters and 10086 islands 1 percolation have 8 thousand square meter land.


Telling that they continue income generation projects in order to build houses for low and medium incomers TOKI president Ergün Turan said that the work will be both income process and urban transformation. Turan “we are giving houses in-place to the owners that is we share the profit and perform the process of urban transformation.



The lands that TOKI put into auction exist in a very important location on TEM highway. Apart from being near Tem Project, they are close to Point Project as well and stands out as it is close to Highways Urban Transformation Project. It is stated that in order to join the auction of the lands which are present in the region where ongoing projects and urban transformations continue 20 firms more took file. The number of the firms which placed bid is eight.

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