6 Districts Were Declared Risky In Beyoğlu

Located in the Beyoglu Fetihtepe, Kaptanpaşa, Keçecipiri, logo, Piyalepaşa and Kulaksız districts were risky areas.

Istanbul is also located on the promulgation of certain risk areas in six districts in the Beyoglu district of the Council of Ministers, published in the Official Gazette.


Beyoglu district of Istanbul in Fetihtepe, Kaptanpaşa, Keçecipiri, Piyalepaşa and declared risk areas of some place located in Kulaksız districts. Environment and on the post about the City Planning Department, 6306 No. Disaster Risk Law on the Transformation of the Area Under Article 2 and Annex 1. the matter was decided by the Cabinet on June 13, 2016.

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