50.000 New Houses for Esenler

The military reservation which consists of 8.7 million square meter, which is located in Esenler, is going to be home for the people whose houses will be demolished during urban transformation. 50.000 new houses will be built in the land which was handed over to Esenler by The Ministry of Defense last year. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipal Council has decided to adapt a ‘ Common Services Protocol’ between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Esenler Municipality in order to speed the transformation works in Esenler up.  According to the decision which CHP members voted ‘nay’, old military reservations will be used as ‘reserve housing zone’ in urban transformation projects. Within this scope, approximately 50.000 new house will be built in substitution for the houses which has been planned to be demolished in Esenler.

The Houses Which are in the Line of Transportation and Which are about to be Destroyed, Will be Moved

According to the Protocol, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will be able to use the houses in this area for barter of the houses which should be demolished and in the line of transportation which has been planned for the counties such as Esenler, Bağcılar, Bahçelievler, Güngören and Küçükçekmece.

On the other hand, 10 % of the houses which will be built in this area are going to be given to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality by Esenler Municipality. Also Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will be able to produce dwelling by using its own companies such as TOKI and KIPTAS.

A Big Public Park Will be Built

Besides houses, there will be also a big public park. Theme, design and maintenance of the park will be undertaken by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Period of protocol, which is stated that it will start being carried out in 3 months after it’s signed, will be 10 years.

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