5 Provincial High Income Rent

Real estate has become one of the best investment vehicles in recent years by bringing it to buyers. According to the region, houses that gain value for a certain period of time become a source of income by bringing rent. One of the questions that came to my mind when I bought the house was "How much rent income do I get when I rent my house?" is happening.


The REIDIN Real Estate Index, which was prepared with the support of İşbank, was announced in August with high rental yields. Aydin is listed in the first place in the list of 10 provinces.


Rental Yields Are High (Annual Gross Rate Of Return):

1) Aydin – 7.90 percent

2) Van – 7.46%

3) Bilecik – 7.34%

4) Kütahya – 7.14%

5) Zonguldak – 7.04 per cent


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