5 False Facts That Are Known True About Real Estate Investment

RE/MAX Turkey warns investors not to come into action with the help of hearsay information about real estate property which is seen as an important investment instrument in our country.

RE/MAX Marketing Director of Turkey Gökhan Karahan reveals false facts that are known as true about real estate investment and gives advices to investors.

Urban legends which are told from one to other sometimes may affect the ones who want to have an investment in real estate and make them away from this idea. For the ones who don’t want to miss the chance of a lifetime, RE/MAX Marketing Director of Turkey Gökhan Karahan leads the way to investors with his advices.

  1. Your monthly income should be high”

This prejudice should have been eliminated thanks to officer cooperatives in 80s and 90s but as everybody knows, prejudices occur easily and taking them away is the difficult part. If anyone can balance his expenses well and look to future with confidence, he can easily have a real estate investment thanks to his middle income without difficulty. After one finds the suitable investment, among the offers of banks and companies, there will always be an appropriate option.

  1. “You must have a high amount of saving”

Saving a high amount of money should be taken seriously but it is not a target of a place which is behind of Kaf Mountain. To be able to convince the investor and make an appropriate investment, a saving may be sufficient if there are affordable prices for real estate investment.

  1. “You must have connection, know your man”

Everybody come across with these kinds of sentences in a day frequently. For sure, there is a need for professionals about investment. Real Estate consultants and firms are for this purpose. Thanks to Real Estate Consultants who are trustworthy, corporate and have manageable references useful investments may come true.

  1. “Bigger Is Better”

Most of successful Real Estate Consultants give start their work by investing small houses mostly. In addition to being budget-friendly, one investment should be evaluated for potential profit for future. After the decision stage, there is no difference between a 40 square meter and 200 square meters for a successful investment. Finding appropriate investment is the most important criterion.

  1. “First Of All You Should Buy The House That You Will Live In”

There are many physical, sociological and psychological criteria for the house that you want to live in. There are many questions that you should ask yourself before you buy a house. Some of the questions “are you single or married? do you have children or not? , will you have children in future?, where do you work?,  Where do you feel yourself comfortable?” Answers of these questions determine your investment type. The more criteria you have, the more time it takes to find an appropriate investment for yourself. Even if this is an investment, the basic aim of this period is to create a suitable living space. But if the place that you live in provides suitable conditions, one can buy a house just for investment purpose.

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