5 Cities To İnvest İn Real Estate After Istanbul

Istanbul is at the forefront of the cities where the Turkish housing market has thrown its pulse. When it is evaluated in terms of high rent increase in real estate investment and faster appreciation of real estate. With the effect of the demand, the housing prices in Istanbul are higher. A second option for those who would like to evaluate their savings by buying real estate is to invest in real estate outside of Istanbul. Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, Aydin and Bursa are the first cities that come to mind for those who want to own a residence outside Istanbul.


For Istanbul’s 5 cities where profitable real estate investment can be made, it is necessary to evaluate the current data on the real estate market. The real estate site Zingat.com includes 68 provinces, 242 districts and 1,202 neighborhoods on the Real Estate Report, which includes rates of change in sales and rent for five cities over the last two years, covering housing prices between 2014 and 2016. At the same time, if the houses to be purchased or to be bought are given to the rent, the sales price can be covered with the annual rental value.
Housing prices in Ankara increase by 23 percent in 2 years
In the last two years in Antalya, housing sales prices have increased by 32 percent
In the last two years, housing sales prices in Aydın have increased by 31 percent.

In the last two years in Izmir, housing sales prices have increased by 36 percent.
In Bursa last 2 years, housing sales prices increased by 24 percent

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