455 Billion Revenue Guarantees For 200 Billion Projects

The state’s bridges, highways and city hospitals are rising on the revenue guarantee. While the revenue guarantee is 455 billion liras for 211 projects with 53.7 billion dollars built with public-private and BOT model, the state will pay 30 billion dollars for only 18 city hospitals.


In Turkey, build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects and public-private partnership (BÖİ) and the bridges, highways and city hospitals that have passed through life are rising with the guarantee of the revenue. As of today, the revenue Guarantee amounts to 123.5 billion dollars (TL 455 billion) in investments of 53.7 billion dollars (200 million TL) reaching 211. Particularly public-private projects have shown a sharp rise since 2013, and at the beginning of the 2000s these investment projects, which amounted to 10 billion dollars, have been based on 50 billion dollars since 2013. At current prices, 211 projects with a contract size of $ 123.5 billion receive the lion’s share of build-operate-transfer (BOT) projects with $ 77.6 billion. This is followed by the transfer of the right to operate with 31.2 billion dollars (IHD) and the build-lease-transfer (YKD) projects with 10.6 billion dollars. Build-operate (BOT) share is 4.1 billion dollars.

The Osmangazi Bridge also has a revenue guarantee. 40 thousand vehicles per day. When the tender was made in 2009, the price of the bridge, which was determined as $ 35 excluding VAT, would have been the same, and a figure of 126.56 pounds over the current exchange rate would have been paid. However, due to the high price of the shipment went. The single pass fee was 89 lira, then for cars 65.65 lira.

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