40 Kg of baklava bought by the US Vice President’s wife Jill Biden on their Istanbul trip

Recently the US President and his wife Jill Biden paid a visit to Istanbul. The wife of the President visited one of the top and the most famous brands of baklava’s Karaköy branch on Saturday. The visit was made to try out the delicacies while the husband was busy attending the meeting hosted by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at Mabeyn Palace in Istanbul.

Along with the President’s wife on her visit to the Istanbul trip, the granddaughter Naomi Biden and the U.S. Ambassador John Bass’s wife Holzer Bass, and the U.S. Istanbul Emabssy coordinator Selda Serfsoy Cakır was also present.

During the visit, Biden made a stop at Güllüoğlu’s Karaköy branch in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu to leran about the traditional Turkish sweets. Although the visit was planned to take place for 5 minutes, it lasted 40 minutes for Biden took time tasting every kind and type of sweets at the place making her land on the decision of making the pistachio baklava being her favorite.

The visit was made special not because Biden stopped by the shop making it a famous place but also the CEO of the company, Nadir Güllü was also present in the shop guiding and explaining things and the making of the sweets. When asked in an interview, he quoted, “Biden came with her granddaughter and them not only relished the taste of the sweets but also bought 40 kg of products. The white house seems to have enough of baklava for coming few days. Biden said, “I am taking these to White House”.

He further said,” I gave the baklava in boxes with Turkish flags on them. She even asked about the ingredients used and the making of the sweets. She ate the chocolate baklava. I said, “Let’s give Turkish and American societies a message that you visited here. The meeting was ended with the hug and shaking of the hands, one by one.”

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