40. Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul Door Opened!

The Turkish construction sector by bringing together for 5 days in the range of 23-27 May, the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Consul General of the kingdom of Morocco M Afriquain, ITE Group Regional Director, Brian Vincent, the founder of Dogan hasol Turkey and construction fair with Yem exhibitions General Manager Burcu Baseri took place with the participation of ITE.


The world's five largest construction Fair, which is one of the building Fair – turkeybuild Istanbul, this year, 100.000 m2 closed and open field in the 18.640 1,250 exhibitors displaying product from 105 countries 111.000 domestic, will bring together foreign visitors.


Construction fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul organized within the scope of "business development platform" for the sector while providing opportunities for collaboration and new business events, architecture, real estate, new products, the future of building products, sustainability, safety, design, marketing titles to industry professionals to work with events to be held in the flow of information will allow for.


"Business development platform" activities within the scope of the "Guest zone project this year, with accelerated economic growth, North African countries in the region attracts. "North Africa – Turkey construction Forum and bilateral business meetings with the Turkish construction sector abroad, which is one of the important markets in North Africa, growing public investments, especially Turkish contractors in all the construction material manufacturers to become more efficient and to contribute, in this context, incentives will create new business opportunities and the creation of a platform aimed at investors.

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