4 Regions In Kocaeli Where Housing Prices Are Rising

Kocaeli, one of the industrial and commercial cities of Turkey, has become a center of attraction with investments made especially in recent years.


Kocaeli, one of Turkey's most active residential sectors, shines the star of the region as well as major transportation projects as well as urban transformation efforts. These developments in the city, which got the attention of real estate investors, also affected the real estate prices.

According to Zingat.com data, housing prices for the last two years for sale in the region have increased by 34 percent. Housing prices in the city start from 1,864 TL per square meter of residential housing prices range from 132 thousand TL to 219 thousand TL. 

Gebze, which is one of the most migrated regions of Kocaeli, is developing rapidly because it is close to Istanbul. Between September 2015 and September 2017, housing prices in the district increased by 25 percent.

Prices for housing starts from 2 thousand square meters for sale in Gebze housing prices vary from 154 thousand TL to 256 thousand TL.

With the construction of Osmangazi Bridge, mobility in housing prices started to take place in Darıca as a center of attraction. Especially in the region which is the address of luxury housing projects, housing prices for the last two years increased by 30 percent and the square meter price was 1.997 TL. Housing prices for luxury housing projects in the region starting from 250 thousand TL, can rise up to 1 million TL.

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