360 Housing Tender will be Held in the Urban Transformation Project

 Melikgazi Municipality President Dr. Memduh Buyukkilic said 340 housing which will be built in the Küçükali and Anbar quarters and involve 9 blocks is going to be sold in a tender related to the Urban Transformation. Tender will be realized for floor. The president explained the tender is going to be done in the Melikgazi Municipality Ercüment Saloon.


Büyükılıç said: “As Melikgazi Municipality we give great importance to Urban Transformation. We entered the 2017 very fast related to the urban transformation. We made the tender of 1.346 housing between February and April. Now, in the spring period we will make a total of 360 apartments consisting of 9 blocks in 4 weeks with 7 different auctions.


This is a very big opportunity for the constructors. These apartments will be completed in 2018 and they will be delivered to the rights holders. Look at Küçükali and Anbar regions well because when the Melikgazi Urban Transformation project will be completed next year; this region will take its place as a prestigious neighbourhood surrounded by modern buildings”

Tenders will be Realized in 4 Weeks


Melikgazi Municipality President Memduh Buyukkilic expressed that the specifications related to the tenders which are going to be realized in 4 weeks may be obtained from the Urban Transformation Department. He also said that Küçükali and Anbar quarters will be transformed with developing, with more beauty and renewing. Buyukkilic emphasized that the importance of achieving the change through integrating with the region people.


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