35 Million TL Is Allocated For The Etude Project Of The Big 3 Floor Istanbul Tunnel

35 million TL is allocated for the etude project of the Big 3 Floor Istanbul Tunnel

For the ‘3 Floor Big Istanbul Tunnel’ project is a 35 million TL budget allocated for the purpose to ease the traffic in Istanbul. 7,5 million TL from the budget will be used this year.

According to the information of an AA newsreporter which he took from the 2016 Investment Program ,the bid which was made last year by the Ministry of Transportation ,Marine and Communication Undeground Investments General Director ,is a 35 million TL budget allocated for the Big 3 Floor Istanbul Tunnel Project’s etude,project and engineering services.Within this 7.5 million TL expected cost project ,are going to be on the land and in the sea a drill work so that the ground datas will be determined.After the bid process are the engineering projects aimed to be completed in one year.

The 3 Floor Big Istanbul Tunnel which will pass under the Istanbul Bosphorus ,will be suitable for the vehicles with double strip tires up and down and will have in a single tube both a highway and railway.


From Incirli to Sogutlucesme

The tunnel is with its scope and size going to be the first project in the world where its one foot, starts in the European side in Incirli on the E-5 and goes through the Bosphorus and reaches to Sogutlucesme in the Anatolian side .The second foot starts from the European side through TEM highway on Hasdal intersection and passes through the Bosphorus until Camlik intersection with a 2×2 highway system.


Passing by will take 14 minutes

The tunnel will be intergrated with 9 subway lines ,the TEM motorway,the E-5 highway and the North Marmaray Motorway.It will take 14 minutes to pass from Hasdal intersection in the European side to the Camlik intersection in the Anatolian side.It is expected that daily 6.5 million passengers will benefit from this project.

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