35 Billion of Investment Has Been Planned in the Real Estate Sector

Huge amount of investments has been planned in the real estate sector which is the locomotive of the economic and industrial growth of the nation for the year of 2016. In this year, 1 million 289 thousand houses and condos had been sold. During 2017, real estate specialists have been estimating that this record will be achieved with the new projects introduced which will provide value addition to the presents assets to the national economy with the billion dollar projects.


From the information gathered from the biggest players of the real estate sector, at least 35 billion dollars will be invested to the sector during 2017. Expecting the record amount of expansion in the real estates, the specialists have been estimating that due to local and domestic economic conjuctors, the investors will get the return of their investments in 2017.




The sector representors stated that to have the housing buyers and national economy both gain dynamism, they will be evaluating the sector in this conjuctor. They also expressed that, they will be working on increasing the amount of value addition to the sector during 2017 and these projects will increase the profit of the individual buyers who have been considering investing in the sector.


Addition to the all information the firms, which are planning to develop projects of the constructions like malls and their investment plans, are getting ready to invest around 2.7 billion dollars in the sector with more than 8 projects in 6 local areas in Istanbul.

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