2nd Stage İn Piyalepaşa İs On Sale With New Campaign!

Piyalepaşa Istanbul, which has risen by taking 60 years of deep-rooted history and strength of the Polat brand in the most valuable districts of Istanbul, Piyalepaşa, has already sold its first stage sales after its first stage sales.


Piyalepaşa Istanbul, which offers a total of 205 deposits, continues to increase its sales figures thanks to the premiums it offers its investors, the different campaigns it offers, the ease of payment and the 1 percent VAT advantage. These newly opened blocks, especially for large and large families, have mostly 3 + 1 and 4 + 1 flats.


Besides this, 1 + 0, 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 flats are on sale in the project. In the new stage-specific campaign, either 35 percent advance, 60 months 0 interest; It is possible to own an apartment with an interest rate of 0.45 percent for a period of 120 months or 35 percent. Piyalepaşa Istanbul, where a large number of personalized payments are also offered for payment, starts with a unit price of 10 thousand 500 TL per square meter of residence and 13 thousand TL of residences. Those who want to be a resident of the project can shape their payment plan with hundreds of payment options.


Polat Holding Chairman Adnan Polat said, “The real estate sector continues to grow despite economic, political and social inequities. It is still the safest and timeless investment instrument in our real estate country. Regardless of the conditions, events, Turkish people continue to invest in real estate. When we look at the last 5 years, we see this clearly. Over 1 million houses have been sold in Turkey for the last 5 years. Despite the conjuncture in which our country is located, the fact that our sector is getting a rising graphic is a reliable indicator of the real estate. We think this will continue for 2017.”

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