2017 Will Be The Mobilization Year

The president of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Ibrahim Çağlar declared that the year of 2017 would be the mobilization year for the economy. Especially in the sectors of investment, production, export and tourism mobilization is very important. Reminding the president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s call for national mobilization to public; Çağlar said they call businessmen for an economic mobilization to overcome the economic obstacles of the time.

Economic Growth Will Continue Regardless of Any Obstacle

Cağlar pointed out the fact that the only power in the new world is a strong economy. He said the Turkish economy will grow even if FRB will increase the interest rates, oil prices increase or terrorism gets wilder. “Our target is certain, road is clear. We have to make this country greater”. He said that producing its own planes, tanks, energy and saying stop to the cruelty all around is very important for Turkey and it is only possible if people hold onto each other.

Çağlar claimed the assassination of the Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov also targeted the economy. One needs to see the big picture and protect the economy against terrorism, he said.

 ITO Will Fight With Our 400.000 Members

Çağlar said they will not stop producing and serving their country. They will do it with their devotion to Turkish nation. They will not bow to terrorism and fear. They will do everything they can to support the economy and fight all the obstacles on the way.

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