2017 National Estate Lodgement Rents

The lodgement rent rates of national estate for 2017 has been declared in January.


National Estate General Communiqué


According to the Communiqué, in domestic areas the prices charged for the lodgment are declared as 1,82 tl per meter for simple houses, 2,84 tl per meter in the houses without heating, and 3,73 tl per meter for the houses with heating.




The Communiqué also states that the maintenance expenses will be provided by the residents and the rates will be as, 0,83 per meter when there is no electricity meter, 0,72 tl per meter when there is no water flow meter arrangement, 1,54 tl per meter if electricity and water flow meter has been arranged, 0,39 tl per meter if the water supply stated at the outside of the city mains.


The Communiqué also declares the situations with the lodgments with or without the heating system. According to the Communiqué declared recently, the heating costs will be paid by the residents accordingly. The rates are, if there is no heat meter montage and calorimeter montage in the building then the heating cost is 1,49 tl per meter. If the heating share meter and calorimeter has been installed, then the cost calculated by the meters will be charged in the condition with three times of the calculated heating costs cannot be surpassed. But if the institutes decide the otherwise, they can buy the exceeded amount of fuel. The Communiqué will be in act after 15 January 2007 and will be official until the next year.

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