2016 Istanbul Smart City Expo and Congress is Starting


The countdown has begun for Istanbul Smart City Expo and congress which will be run between 1 – 3 June. More than 80 local and international speakers will be at Smart City congress.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) collaborate with the world’s leading company which is Fira Barcelona in area of the smart urbanism. Moreover, between 1 and 3 June, at the Haliç Congress Center, Smart City Expo Istanbul event will be run.

More than 80 local and international speakers at the Smart City Congress

Smart city expo Istanbul intends transformation to a more sustainable future for innovative city. In addition, It also highlights the importance of connection the smart technologies and strategies, more successful urban planning, transportation, energy and developing of local politics subjects etc.

”smart city” which includes innovative, environmentally friendly, solution-oriented, all of the work done on a more livable city and in activity local and global sectors who wants to invest will be together during the three-days.


Transportation Facility / Sustainable Mobility / Public Space / Public Transport / Infrastracture and Logistics / Urban Area Quality / Green and Open Spaces / Alternative Transportation / Urban Design / Special Tools / Electric Transportation / As a Service Access and Sharing Economy.

Innovation & Technology

Technological Developments / Internet Access / Information and Development Management / Skills and Knowledge / Innovative and Technological Tourism / Big Data / Open Data / Personal Technolohies.


Sufficient City Services / Consumer / Renewable Energy / Energy Competence / Climate Change / Pollution / Air Quality / Flexibility.

Intelligent Community

City Arrangement / Public Domain / Participation / Utilities / Public / Collaborative Economics / Prosperity and Quality of Life.

Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

Business Transition and Entrepreneurship / Innovation and Constructors Business / Entrepreneurship Facilities and Challenges / Sustainable Community DEvelopment.

Big Data & Urban Governance

Large Data / Open Data / Data Management / Data-driven Innovation / Intelligence and Algorithms / Data Analysis / Synchronous City.

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