200 Billion Dollars Urban Transformation Work In Kartal

“Invest in Kartal, invest in Future” summit meeting which has been made in Dragos excavation site on 2nd of June by Kartal Municipality. Summit meeting, in which history and future of Kartal have been discussed about, has brought investors and experts and also real estate development managers together.

During panel stage, DKY Construction’s CEO, Ali Dumankaya, and DKY Construction’s honorary president, Ibrahim Dumankaya have told about the future of the area and investment opportunities to the audience.

Ali Dumankaya has said that Kartal is becoming a model in urban transformation. Ali Dumankaya, who states that even only in mine site, which has been determined as central business district there is an area of 4 million square meter which is designated for urban transformation, also says: “Idle factories in this area will undergo an urban transformation in the following year. When considered in terms of investment, there is 200 billion dollars urban transformation work in Kartal in the next 10 years.”

Ali Dumankaya, who says that there is infrastructure in Kartal which makes urban transformation convenient, also states: “We observe that there are leading projects in Kartal especially in urban transformation, fieldworks are really successful. There is deep interest in urban transformation. Most buildings, which were constructed before, have high risk with low quality base. Ground of Kartal is so solid but you can see that problem when you go a few floors down. We should transform this housing stock appropriately and quickly.”

Ali Dumankaya, who says that there are on-gong transformation projects in Kartal, also says: “We have started two new projects within this scope. We will carry out more projects in the following years. We will go on being at the fore in urban transformation projects.

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