2.4 Billion Dollars Property Investment From Abroad to Turkey

Real estate investment made abroad by Turkey raise 50 percent to $ 4.1 billion compared to the first half of 2017. 66 percent of 4.1 Billion Dollars came from the European Union countries and the amount spent on real estate increased by 24 percent to 2.4 Billion Dollars.


The measures taken by the current government in the light of the economy announced by the Ministry of Economy have given way to the flow of investment to Turkey from all over the world, especially the European Union, with the incentives provided for foreign investors. Investment Increased from 2 Billion 376 Million Dollars to 4 Billion 108 Million Dollars, increasing by 50 percent compared to the first half of this year made in Turkey. In the same period, real estate investment increased by 34 percent. Investment in this increase has increased from 1 billion 805 Million Dollars to 2 Billion 424 Million Dollars.

When the investment is classified according to the sectors, it is determined that the most investment is made to financial intermediaries. Investment in this sector increased by 145 percent compared to the first year of 2017 and reached to 1 Billion 186 Million Dollars. The investment made in financial intermediaries was followed by 'Electricity, water, gas' sector with 918 Million Dollars.


Investment Preferences of European Union Countries is Turkey

The investment made by the European Union countries in Turkey increased by 61 percent when the first year of 2017 was taken as the first year of last year. This investment, which increased from 1 Billion 700 Million Dollars to 2 Billion 700 Million Dollars, constituted 66% of 4 Billion 100 Million Dollars which entered Turkey in the first year of 2017.


The investments of the Netherlands from the European Union countries during this period increased by 104 percent. The investment of 403 Million Dollars went to 821 Million Dollars. Investments from Germany have fallen by 6% due to the current political crisis and have fallen from $ 181 million to $ 170 million.

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